Water Based Pigments

Water based Iron and Titanium Oxide


Introducing a new feather in the crown from the KOEL’s state of the art innovation hub, a unique development to enhance the appeal, durability, and stability of your cosmetic formulations. Achieve a perfect velvet touch for your cosmetic formulations with KOELIN-ST.The technology boasts of a high-tech process development of silane treatment imparts.

Proprietary Technology
The high end, proprietary process development of silane treatment establishes excellent wetting behavior, thus controlling the rheological properties of the formulation.


  • PEG functional alkoxy silane.
  • INCL name – Methoxy PEG-10 propyl trimethoxysilane.
  • Silane content 2-5%

Ultimate benefits to the manufacturer

  • Reduces viscosity and allows extremely high filters/pigments load in water and polar vehicles.
  • Impart powdery velvet touch sensation on the skin.

Key features

  • Uniform dispersibility to filters and pigments in cosmetic products.
  • Outstanding anti-settling and wetting properties to cosmetic products.

Unique Benefits

  • Enhances the texture of aqueous and glycol based cosmetic formulations.
  • Imparts significant stability for cosmetic formulations.

Main Applications

  • Colours cosmetics-foundations, concealers, mascaras, lipsticks, eye shadows.
  • Cream in powder form.
  • Skincare Lotions, creams, masks, anti-ageing products.

KOEL Products

  • Iron Oxide Red – 1919-ST
  • Iron Oxide Black – 1999-ST
  • Iron Oxide Yellow- 1929-ST
  • Titanium Dioxide- 1910-ST