OMCX is an effective UV-B filter. UV-A radiation (320-400nm) is linked with the loss of skin elasticity, wrinkling and premature ageing, whilst the more powerful UV-B radiation (290-320nm) is linked to sunburn, cell damage and skin cancer. OMCX is soluble in most organic solvents facilitating good incorporation particularly into high SPF skin care and sunscreen product where a level of water resistance is desirable.

OMCX is compatible with most of the cosmetic ingredients. For total UV range protection, OMCX is formulated with Avobenzone (UV-A blocking). OMCX is highly effective UV-B filter which absorbs the UV-B rays in the range of 290-340nm.

Product name: OMCX
Chemical name: 2-ethylhexyl 4-methoxy cinnamate
INCI: Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate
CAS: 5466-77-3
EINECS: 226-775-7
USAN: Octinoxate
UV-absorption range: 835 at 310 ± 2 nm (E 1%, 1cm, in methanol)
Chemical structure:
Molecular Formula: C18H26O3
Molecular weight: 290.397
Applications: Sunscreens, hand and face lotions, assists in protection of skin from damaging

UV-B radiation, component of anti-aging skin care formulations.

Technical Data

Appearance: Colourless to Pale yellow, oily liquid
Odor: Practically Odorless
Purity by GLC: Minimum 98.0 %
Absorbance (λ) (E 1%, 1cm, in methanol: Min 835 at 310 ± 2 nm
Acid Value: 1.0 Max
Refractive Index (at 20 °C) : 1.5420-1.5480
Specific gravity (at 20 °C): 1.008-1.020
Lovibond color 5 ¼ cell Not more than 2.0
Solubility: Soluble in Ethanol, Propylene Glycol, Isopropanol
Regulatory status max concentration: US: Up to 7.5%,Canada: Up to 8.5%, Europe: Up to 10%, Japan:
Up to 20%, Australia: Up to 10%, China: Up to 10% Up to 20%, Australia: Up to 10%, China: Up to 10%
Packaging: 235 kg Drum / 35 kg carboy / 1000 kg IBC
Storage recommendation: Store away from incompatible substances. Incompabilities: Oxidizers

(Strong): Fire and explosion, hazard, protect from light. Shelf life two

years from date of original packaging under adequate storage conditions.