Matting Agent For Lip & Nail Care

Krishana Enterprises proudly unveils a game changer in the world of cosmetic colours called the Matting Agent. The matting agent has redefined the matt elegance and allows the customer to experience the excellence in matt finish from the experts. We define it as the ‘Matte Revolution’ where we have innovated the matting solutions for excellent matt effect for all types of cosmetics.

Key features

  1. Transparent effect, natural & matte look, zero gloss, skin-friendly.
  2. Resistance to heat, light, acids & alkali.
  3. No pigment fading effect & exceptional dispersion stability.
  4. Superior surface smoothness.
  5. Long lasting shelf life in original packs.
  6. Tough flexible coat, excellent matte protection in nail polishes.
  7. Provides smudge free in Lipsticks, with no side-rings formation or hardening of stick.


  • Nail Polishes
  • Lip-sticks
  • Eye care products
  • Compressed powders
  • Creams
  • Lotions

Available in 3 Versions

NM (Normal Matting) HM (High Matting) SM (Silica Matting)
INCI Name: Alumina INCI Name: Alumina & Silica INCI Name: Silica
Excellent satin effect Natural matte effect Matte, sandy effect
Particle size- 7 to 8 Micron Particle size- 9 to 10 Micron Particle size- 6 to 7 Micron
Specic Surface Area BET N2: Specic Surface Area BET N2: Specic Surface Area BET N2:
>180 ± 30 Sq. m. /g >180 ± 30 Sq. m. /g >250 ± 30 Sq. m. /g

Mattifying Effect

Normal Matt (NM) < Silica Matt (SM) < High Matt (HM)

Wetting Property

High Matt (HM) < Silica Matt (SM) < Normal Matt (NM)