Colour Solution for Nail Care

KOELSOL is our state of the art technology oriented colour dispersion which is made from cosmetic grade approved pigments. Pigments are dispersed in the solvent system with high shear and uniform shade. It is very easy to incorporate in nail lacquer in very short time and low shear mixing. As all the ingredients of the solvent system are common of nail polish formulations like Nitrocellulose, Plasticizers, Resins, and solvents like Ethyl Acetate, Butyl Acetate, Isopropyl Alcohol etc. are well compatible with the formulation.

Pigment concentration dispersed in the medium varies from 20 percent to 60 percent and it can be adjusted very easily in the formulation as per desired shade. This colour solution gives high gloss and brightness to the pigment and need s less quantity and nil dusting than the usual practice. It is very easy to handle and gives uniform shade to the product.

The KOELSOL range is as follows:

Product C.I. Number KOEL Code Product Name
15850:1 KOELSOL 1111 Lithol Rubine B
77491 KOELSOL 1919 Iron Oxide Red
15880:1 KOELSOL 1144 Deep Maroon
19140:1 KOLSOL 1180 Lake of Tartrazine
11680 KOELSOL 1801 Lake of Quinoline
77492 KOELSOL 1929 Iron Oxide Yellow
77510 KOELSOL 1201 Iron Blue
42090:1 KOELSOL 1900 Lake of Brilliant Blue
77266 KOELSOL 1663 Carbon Black
77891 KOELSOL 1910 Titanium Dioxide
42090:1/19140:1 KOELSOL 0001 Apple Green