White Natural for Cosmetics

Colour changer lipsticks are not new to the cosmetic industry. Instead, the cosmetic market in India has produced the largest quantities of colour changer lipsticks from 2000 to 2010 in the world. A colour changer lipstick can be of any colour (aesthetically) but it will always imparts a light pink colour to the lips when applied. Colour changer lipsticks are now also available in transparent gel like looking stick. The key chemical used for this colour changing lipstick to work is called White Natural.

White Natural is a powder textured substance that is fed into the base while making a lipstick. A manufacturer should try to minimise the oxidation of the chemical in order to obtain the colour changing capabilities in the lipstick. White Natural has got a property of oxidising as soon as it comes in contact with the environment. This property allows the chemical to impart a light pink tone to the lip once this lipstick is applied. The colour imparted by the lipstick keeps on getting darker by further oxidation that happens in the environment.

White Natural has numerous benefits such as:

  • No impact on pH

For a chemical to be successful in an existing composition, it should not disturb the pH of the product. White natural does not impact the pH of the lipstick. It is independent of any pH changing properties.

  • No impact on Hardness

White natural is an oil soluble colour and it does not contain any heavy metals. Due to this property, it is finely grinded and has a property to absorb oil quickly that helps in maintaining the structure of the stick even in hotter weather.

  • Imparts beautiful pink colour 

A colour changer lipstick can be made up of any colour. Colours can range from black to transparent but the colour that will be imparted on application will be light pink and will keep on getting darker with time due to oxidation. Transparent lip glosses also use white natural to gve out light pink colour on application.


  • Opaque Lipsticks (Any Colour)
  • Transparent Flower Lipsticks
  • Transparent Lip Glosses
  • White Lip Balms


White natural is a key component of the colour changer lipsticks but it might be a game changer for you. We are a leading supplier for White natural cosmetics. Request for samples today.