Target SA for Anti Acne

Target SA is a Salicin, formed with Salicin is metabolized. It is considered to have aspirin-like, anti-inflammatory properties and is a popular ingredient in acne treatment formulas. Target SA is one of several beta hydroxy acids, and works as a keratolytic by exfoliating the skin, causing the cells of the epidermis to shed more readily, preventing pores from clogging up, and allowing room for new cell growth. It is a powerful acne-fighting ingredient. It works by reducing the number of skin cells within pores, which helps prevent pimples from forming.


Synthetic Salicylic Acid, Xanthum Gum & Niacinamide


  • Easy solubility of Target SA in water based medium
  • Basic stirring required
  • Unique coating which easily breaks on rubbing, reduces skin irritation
  • No solvent or any dispersing agent required
  • Excellent buffer system


  • Water based skin care products including gels, emulsions and suspensions
  • Anti-acne cream, serum, lotion and solutions
  • Formulations for exfoliation and sebum control
  • Cleansing foam, shampoos etc


Products for anti-acne and blemished skin lotions, creams, serums and solutions


Not tested on animals


Does not contain animal-derived components