Avobenzone is an effective UV-A filter. The applications of Avobenzone with other UV-B filters have synergistic effect on the SPF value UV-A radiation (320-400nm) is linked with the loss of skin elasticity, wrinkling and premature aging, whilst the more powerful UV-B radiation (290-320nm) is linked to sunburn, cell damage and cancer risk. Useful as an absorber that helps provide Protection against UV-A rays from sun. Avobenzone is solvent soluble, Used for incorporation in wide range of sunscreen, skin care, personal care products & hair care products.

Product name: Avobenzone
Chemical name: 4-t-butyl-4′-methoxy-dibenzoylmethane
INCI: Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane
CAS: 70356-09-1
EINECS: 274-581-6
USAN: Avobenzone
Chemical structure:
UV-absorption range: 310 – 380 nm
Molecular Formula: C20H22O3
Molecular weight: 310.40
Applications: Assist in protection of skin from damaging UV-A radiation. Component of Sunscreens, make up creams, hand and face lotions.

Technical Data

Appearance: White to pale yellow crystalline powder
Odor: Characteristic faint aromatic odor
Absorbance (λ) (E 1%, 1cm, in methanol: Min. 1100 at 357± 2 nm
Loss on drying: <=0.5% (w/w)
Assay by GC /HPLC: >= 95.0 – 105.0% (w/w)
Melting point: Between 81°C to 86°C
Heavy metals content: <= 20 ppm
Solubility: Soluble in Acetone and hot methanol, insoluble in water
Known incompatibilities: Avoid acid and alkaline chlorides, oxidizing agents
Regulatory status max concentration: US: Up to 2-3%, Europe: Up to 5%, Japan: Up to 10%, China: Up to 5%, Canada: Up to 5%
Application information: Soluble in oil and general hydrophobic solvents such as caprylic triglyceride, alkyl benzoate, liquid paraffin. Add to oil phase before emulsification, can be heated up to 80°C.
Pharmacopoeia information: USP
Packaging: 25 kg Carton Box
Storage recommendation: Store away from incompatible substances. Incompabilities: Oxidizers (Strong): Fire and explosion hazard, protect from light. Shelf life three years from date of Original packaging under adequate storage conditions.